Who We Are

We are an eco-conscious lifestyle brand for all those who love the sea and care for it.

We believe in living an inspired and sustainable life. That's why we are committed to producing everyday eco-products that help you become the best version of yourself while keeping our environments safe and our oceans clean. Born out of our love for the sea, we're putting an end to plastic pollution to help keep our oceans plastic-free.  

We're based in Canada.   



Our Story, From The Founder 

Inspired by the sea, born to save it from drowning in plastic.

I love the sea because there is a certain aura that comes from the blue waters - the freedom of the horizon, the energy of the open waves, the warmth in the breeze, the vibrance of the sun. The sea has always been my solace for inspiration.

And so you could only imagine how I felt after personally walking down the shores of the Caribbean sea, under the scorching sun, picking up pieces of plastic cutlery, bottle caps, cotton swabs... I was socked, but also curious. I wanted to learn more about why there's already 5,000,000,000,000 (5 trillion) pieces of plastic floating in our oceans, and why 8,000,000 more are making their way into the sea every year.

The more I researched, the more devastated I felt. Because I realized that I was feeding into the problem, with my own everyday plastic consumption. I was unaware of my contribution. And that made me wonder, how many of us are oblivious to our own plastic footprint? 

And that is exactly why I've made it part of my life mission to raise awareness and fight plastic pollution. Because if nothing is done today, by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea.  

Lovers of The Sea is a brand inspired by the sea and it was born out of my love for the sea. The journey began in April 2019 as a movement to make a sustainable lifestyle accessible to all. In essence, reducing your plastic footprint is riding yourself of needless plastic, needless waste, unhealthy habits and living a more conscious life - one as natural as the sea. 

 - Omar Itani 
Sea Lover & Founder