We're looking for sea lovers to join our brand ambassador team! Apply below.


Those who share the same love for the sea. Life enthusiasts, wanderlust travellers, sunset chasers and anyone who's living an eco-conscious lifestyle.

  1. Your personal affiliate link and personal code with a 10% discount to share with your friends and family.
  2. Receive a 10% commission on all sales coming from your link/code.
  3. Opportunity to collaborate on product giveaways.
  4. Being part of a conscious community and a beautiful mission.
    1. Be an active member of our community: regularly engage with our content.
    2. At least one instagram post per week featuring a Lovers of The Sea product.
    3. Embody the brand for what it stands for: live inspired, live consciously.
    4. Empower your followers to reduce their plastic footprint.
    5. Always be real, have fun and be the sunshine in your life. 


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